Meet Up on Digital Transformation of NGOs.
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Within this post we present the interview with one of the organizers of the Meet Up “Digital Transformation in the third sector” Enric Cortiñas. This Meet Up takes place in Barcelona every month and gathers different specialists of NGOs who are willing to apply digital tools to their work.

- Hi, Enric! Could you please briefly present yourself.
- Hi! Glad to be a part of your project. I´m working in the field of  project management, communication and fundraising in the third sector. Currently I´m responsible for communication in one of the Departaments of Goverment of Catalonia that is dedicated to promotion of Civil Society and Voluntary Movement .

How did you come to the idea of the Meetup on Digital Transformation in the Third Sector? What did inspire you?
- In NGO sector we have a lot of challenges with application of technology to our work. We need to stay updated and trained. Our Meet Up allows us to do it. I believe that everyone who visits our meetings has a chance to reflect on the needs and challenges of the third sector in the field of technology.

- Why the topic of digital transformation is important nowadays for NGO world?
- From a global perspective, the inclusion of technology in the organizational strategy is the starting step that all organizations should take. It is important that digital transformation is not an "appendix", but is a part of a general strategy of organization development. Digital transformation supposes a great effort, but it is very crucial one nowadays because survival and development of our non-profit organizations depend on the ability to address this transformation. In the beginning of this way a lot of questions appear. Such as: Where do we start digital transformation of our entity? What kind of tools do we need? How can we improve our communication?
First of all we need to start with creating a strategy and, secondly, a model of digital transformation. Strategy is everything, it is what allows us to define our objectives and plan actions that we need to take. The model of digital transformation should focus mainly on NGO members, volunteers and partners, but also on the organizational processes, incorporating technology into our daily activities.
Digital transformation is strategic opportunity that allows not only to incorporate new technologies but first of all to transform our ways of working and communicating and make us more efficient.

- How (in which way) such kind of informal meetings can help NGOs to go towards the digital transformation of their NGOs?
- Having spaces where knowledge and experience can be shared is always positive. We can learn from other organizations, reflect on the difficulties they have faced, share good practices.  Moreover, today there are not so many spaces where we can discuss the issues of applying technology to NGO sector.

- Could you, please, share with us some organizations or projects that you consider as a good example of digital transformation.
- I would like to mention tow projects where I have participated and applied technology in our work.
Girona Cycle Sexy (english).
Jo sóc donant ambiental (catalan)

- Thank you, Enric, for your time and sharing your experience. We hope that the idea of your Meet Up will inspire more youth workers from different countries to organize such kind of informal meetings.
- Hopefully, yes!